Chalkpit Records & Friends Tour T-shirt (Limited Edition)


Image of Chalkpit Records & Friends Tour T-shirt (Limited Edition)

Chalkpit Records & Friends Tour 2018 - (Mon 12th till 17th Feb)

Chalkpit Records founder and creative architect, Silas Gregory, has curated a tour that will showcase bands and artists who are all producing intelligent, original, fresh music, but from different stages in their musical career.

The tour will feature South Coast gig scene and festival regulars Wild Front, Nakamarra, Submariner, The Manatees as well as up and coming Island talent such as Coyote Jungle, Clippa Sound, Goo Lagoon and Charlie O’Riain.

Silas Gregory Said “Breaking out of your local scene can be a real struggle. We wanted to give new artists the opportunity to play in cities they have never played before. Were going to be working with over 10 artists on this tour which is crazy. I believe this tour will give artists the platform they need to start developing and building relationships in new cities.

The whole ethos of Chalkpit Records is one of nurture. More experienced musicians and creative artists support and encourage the emerging talent that joins Chalkpit by sharing their knowledge, contacts and, in this case, sharing their name on the bill and the subsequent fans who attend.

With live music venues disappearing up and down the country, the opportunity for young, alternative artists and bands to play live and cultivate a real life, in the moment connection with listeners is becoming scarce. Chalkpit Records makes sure musicians get the chance to show what they can do, with the benefit of careful sound engineering on the night and the full support of their fellow Chalkpitters. Every penny Chalkpit makes goes back into the artist development and continued support of live music. When you buys a ticket to a Chalkpit event, you are essentially investing directly into the artist’s future and the continuation of live music.


Image of Chalkpit Records & Friends Tour T-shirt (Limited Edition)