Nakamarra 'Zacapa' 4 Track EP


Image of Nakamarra 'Zacapa' 4 Track EP

Nakamarra - ‘Zacapa’ (4 Track EP) PHYSICAL CD

Track List
1.Little Bit
2.Back to Front
3.Double Shot Scotch

2016 Chalkpit Records

All songs performed by Charlie Jones, Jamie Sprosen, Silas Gregory, Joe Watson & Alex Benson.

'Back To Front' & 'Double Shot Scotch' Recorded & Mixed at Skinny Mammoth Studios on the Isle of Wight. Mastered by Tim Charlton

‘Porcupine' & 'Little Bit' Recorded by Nakamarra, Mixed by Jamie Sprosen. Mastered by Tim Charlton

Cover Photo by Hannah Bradridge-Jackson
Art Design by Carlie Mcgarity